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Engineering Solutions with


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Water Blasting 

Professional Service Provider 

Let Us water blast your worries and Dirt away , from Driveways, Roofs and walls etc, let our professional team take care of it. 

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Home Renovation 

Professional Service Provider 

Offering Qualified and Experienced tradesman to provide all  your home renovation needs no matter how big or how small. 

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Steel Fabrication

Professional Service Provider 

Steel fabrication of all sizes for domestic or commercial clients , we have the team to meet your needs. 

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 Consultants and Engineers 

Building Oil tanks, Water tanks, General Pip-line's, Metal and Steel  Works, Civil Works, Charter Flights, and Passenger Air travel Service.  


Our Service :

  • Arc Welders 

  • Mig Welders 

  • 6 G Welders 

  • Abrasive Blasting

  • Blasting and Welding Machinery

  • Steel Fabrication

  • Construction of other civil engineering projects

  • Manufacture of refined petroleum products

  • Construction of buildings

  • Manufacture of furniture

  • Manufacture of structural metal  reservoirs and steam generators

  • Repair of fabricated metal products

  • Demolition and site preparation

  • Passenger air transport

  • Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles

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Civil Works | Home Renovations 

All Your Home Renovation Needs , Big or Small

Our Services:

  • Carpentry and joinery Renovations

  • Home Painting Works

  • Water Blasting and Cleaning 

  • Re-modeling

  • Plumping works

  • Electrical  Works. 

  • Many More 

Organisations we have worked with include : 
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