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There are currently no planned charter Flights inbound or outbound from Fiji given Fiji's Current Lockdown Order. 

We are currently awaiting government approvals for intended 

Expression of Interest destination Namely:

- Samoa

- Cook Islands 

- Kiribati 

- PNG 

- Solomon Islands

We will keep all respective passengers that have shown interest informed. 

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Plane on Runway

 Consultants and Engineers 

Building Oil tanks, Water tanks, General Pip-line's, Metal and Steel  Works, Civil Works, Charter Flights, and Passenger Air travel Service.  


Our Service :

  • Arc Welders 

  • Mig Welders 

  • 6 G Welders 

  • Abrasive Blasting

  • Blasting and Welding Machinery

  • Steel Fabrication

  • Construction of other civil engineering projects

  • Manufacture of refined petroleum products

  • Construction of buildings

  • Manufacture of furniture

  • Manufacture of structural metal  reservoirs and steam generators

  • Repair of fabricated metal products

  • Demolition and site preparation

  • Passenger air transport

  • Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles


Charter Brokers | Travel Agents 

Private Aircraft Charter Brokers and Travel Agents. 

Our Services:

  • Airplane Charter brokers

  • Airways passenger service providers.  

  • Booking and reservation for Travel .

Organisations we have worked with include : 
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