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WABS Pacific Pte Ltd 
Fiji based company with Consultants , Engineers , Welders and Sand Blasters with over 20 +years experience in the industry , providing services to a number of companies including both local , regional and international companies . 
We specialise in building ,fabricating and maintenance of  steele tanks for domestic and commercial use, from oil tanks for large corporation to water and food storage tanks for local communities and small business enterprise , we also specialise in structural welding for domestic, commercial buildings and infrastructure  including an array of  other civil works such as building and repairing underground tanks and domestic and commercial wear house construction and any recreational structures . 
Our team of consultants, engineers  welders and blasters work with a passion of professionalism and attention to detail to execute projects with the highest level of safety and perfection with our companies motto 
               "Exceptional Service Exceeding Expectations" 
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